How Often Should You Use Frontline Flea Treatment

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How Often Should You Use Frontline Flea Treatment. How long does frontline last? Do not let your pet get wet for about 24 hours after application.

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How long does frontline last? Increased use may result in application site reaction. It can also be used in pregnant and lactating dogs.

Treat all your dogs and cats every month for optimal flea control.

This is a personal decision based on where you live, where you take your dog, and the age and health condition of your dog. Although overdose complications have not been reported at up to five times the normal dose, it is not recommended to use more than once a month. When applied correctly, frontline plus remains active against fleas.

Subsequently, question is, how often can you use frontline?

How often should i use frontline plus? Treat all your dogs and cats every month for optimal flea control. Dogs should be treated for fleas monthly (or every other month depending on the product you use) all year round to try and prevent dogs from developing a flea problem and infesting the home.

However, you may still need to apply frontline on your pet successively for a few months.

The frequency with which you need to give them to your pet will be dependent on the product given. If they are bad, consider that you may have fleas in your carpet and everything too. And yes, you still use it monthly.

It got to the point where i was putting frontline on my 2 & a week or 2 later they were still getting fleas.

You may need to treat your pet and home for fleas all year round if your home is centrally heated. You should be treating your home for adults plus the other 95 percent—flea eggs, flea larvae and flea pupae. Frontline plus ® is a veterinary medicine with an exemplary safety profile.

The most important way to prevent a flea problem developing in your home is to treat every area that your dog has access to with a the help of products that kill flea.

A once monthly application is recommended where tick control is needed. How often can i use frontline plus on my dog? It is best to regularly vacuum all the locations of your home where your pet spends time, wash all bedding in hot water, and keep your pets on flea prevention.

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