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Altum Angelfish Size. Maximum size:in aquariums angels can grow to have bodies over 6in diameter, with long tails behind them, and long fins above and below. Generally peaceful, but can be aggressive toward conspecifics and may eat small fish.

Fish Species n.2 Angelfish (Pterophyllum leopoldi
Fish Species n.2 Angelfish (Pterophyllum leopoldi from

I have a set of 3 altum angels that i have had for about 11 months now. Best to keep the temperature above 28°c (82°f). Altum angel (pterophyllum altum) origin:

3'x1.5'=4.5'^2 36x18x24/231=67.3 gallons p plantbrain banned joined jan 23, 2004 2,069 posts #3 · jul 27, 2005

18 cm (7 inches) long and up to 30 cm (12 inches) tall. This will not only make them feel much more secure, but it will result in a much more effective, natural looking shoal. An extremely difficult species to maintain, and even more difficult to spawn.

These are not wild caught.

If you want to have angelfish angelfish altum size it is better to use bare tanks for easier to re home than mutt fry from different coloration will start exhibiting them artificially for aquariums. You really need to ask where they got them from. In the wild, altums grow to be about 10 inches long on average but can reach up to 16 inches in some cases.

I placed at their disposal an aquarium of 700 liters dimensions 100x100x70 (lxlxh).

Tropical freshwater, very soft and very acidic (ph 4.2 to 6.2). Another friend imported some of these f1 altums here. Tankmates should be of similar size, and be of a peaceful disposition.

They should tell you they were imported from venezuela.

You have a 67 gallon tank (as per measurements given) and the four altums would have just over a square foot of area per fish. Altum angelfish size and ideal tank size. 6 inches / 15.2 cm.

Well planted with drift wood / bogwood and some rock work.

How big is an altum angelfish? The altum angelfish ( pterophyllum altum) is among the largest angelfish species that grows up to 7 inches in length during its lifespan of 10 to 15 years. These fish are very tall, and with their extensive fins, they measure 9 inches in height.

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