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Akita Dog Hachiko Statue. This helped save the akita dog breed from extinction. To pay respect to hachiko’s obedience and faithfulness towards his master, the community unveiled hachiko’s bronze statue in front of the shibuya train station in 1934.

Hachiko Statue, Shibuya, Tokyo 27 July 2008 "Hachikō was from www.flickr.com

Author and activist who had an akita dog, visited the statue during her trip to japan soon after it was complete. One of japan's unofficial landmarks, the hachiko statue in shibuya is a homage to the faithful akita dog who waited at shibuya station every day for his master, even after his death. Although the original hachiko dog statue could not be restored, a new one replaced it in the same exact spot at the end of the war in 1948.

Tokyo’s most famous statue is in fact a small bronze dog.

Even after his owner passed away, hachi faithfully waited for him outside of shibuya station. It was a grand ceremony, and hachi himself was present as the chief guest. Hachiko, lovingly nicknamed “hachi,” is one of japan’s most celebrated dogs.

Hachiko was more than a devoted dog, how the famous akita dog's statue was rebuilt at the bombed train station is in itself japan's tribute to man's best friend.

5, 1948) the first hachiko statue was created by ando's father and sculptor teru in april 1934, a year before the dog died. In the age of technology and invention, hachiko’s popularity must be a new phenomenon, right? One of his ears drooped and he suffered from severe heartworms.

This bronze statue in shibuya is of a real life akita dog, and the actual dog was taxidermed in 1935 and now sits in the national science museum, one of the prestigious museums located in ueno park.

Today, the statue of hachiko has become a symbol of shibuya and a popular landmark for meetups and tourism. It was a peaceful death. Akita information hachiko is not the only devoted dog the world has known but his story is one of the most famous because many countries shared in japan's tribute to man's best friend.

The hachiko memorial statue is a stop you can’t miss in tokyo.

This small bronze statue in front of shibuya station (outside the eponymous hachikō exit) was put up in honour of the dog's unwavering loyaly. Unfortunately, this statue was destroyed during world war ii. Even after his master's death (unbeknownst to hachiko), hachiko continued his tradition of.

In 2004, a new statue of hachikō was erected on the original stone pedestal from shibuya in front of the akita dog museum in odate.

Today, it’s one of the most popular meeting places in tokyo. Hachiko famouse akita dog statue of tokyo japan replica gets new home in woonsocket r.i. Hachiko waited for him faithfully every evening at the station for the next decade until his own death.

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